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My Trip to Prague

This is Nadia Nefedova's web page which tells about the trip to Prague, 2004 May
Aren't you amazed by the beauty of the tulips? This picture is taken in Carlovy Vary. Here is the most beautiful cathedral I have ever seen. It is called Tinsky Cathedral, it is located on one of the squares of Prague. It is stunning at night! It's a rose tree. Like a pink cloud. The picture is taken is Carlovy Vary.
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This is me drinking mineral waters in Carlovy Vary. This is my husband taking pictures on Carlov Bridge in Prague. And it's me again under the rose tree.
What amazes the most in Prague? Of course the castles! Most of them are gothic and seem flying forever into the skies! St. Vete's Cathdral from the bird's view Where does the name Prague come from? People say it comes from the old czech word "prah", which means the thershold. Times ago there was a ford serving for the crossing of the wild river Vltava.
The contemporary city has three centers which are called: Hrad (the City), Staromestskaya square (Old place square) and Vazlav square. Hrad is the most famous place among tourists. Why? Because it's where the St. Vete Cathedral is located.
The next place to amaze you is the Old place square. It's here where the tourist come to see the astrological clock and the show of the apostles in the small windows of the tower.
And the Vazlav square. It's the so called New Place with the shopping centers and the promenade.
This page wouldn't be enough to home all my impressions of this city, but I can't keep myself from telling you a little about St.Vete Cathedral.

It's towers are visible from any point of the city. When you see it for the first time it "falls" upon you with all its might. Then you try to fit it into you camera and you can't...and you understand that it is something that can not be stopped by a camera shot, it can only be memorized and stored in you heart. It took almost 600 years to build it, Charles the forth started it in the year of 1344. The designer was Matie from Arras. Of course he was not the one to finish the "masterpiece". There were Peter from Cologne, his three sons: Ian, Vazlav and Peter, architects Volmut and Tirol and Pacassi.
St. Vete's Cathedral is 124 meters long, 60 meters wide and 33 meters high. It's vault is backed by 28 columns.

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